Affiliate List

Manila Forwarder Phil, Inc is on continuous search of individuals and companies who would like to be our partners in helping our kababayans in providing quality services all over the world.

Most of our affiliates are existing balikbayan box companies, store owners, travel agencies, and regular home-based business families who have the desire in meeting and making friends with our kababayans in their respective communities.

Manila Forwarder provides marketing research and support to our associates to provide new entrepreneurs a jump start in their new business.

Manila Forwarder will provide you with materials and other necessary tools to conduct your business. The company requires some information to conduct our marketing research and a small investment to cover the cost of materials only.

The company will also provide you with continuous marketing and sales promotion via research, internet, print, and television ads. The company maintains a regular shipment from various countries to ensure the fastest delivery time of your packages. We can also arrange import and export shipments worldwide.

Manila Forwarders also maintain a web-based package tracking to assist our customers and support them with all their needs.

For interested Entrepreneurs, please fill up the application form.

Here is a list of our affiliates.

For website owners, we provide a pay per click program that you can place in your websites. Please fill up this on-line application.

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