The Documentation Stage

Since you are exporting your balikbayan box from one country to another, you are required by law to provide documentations on your shipment.

Please note the restrictions on certain items.

You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the form.

Please review both sides since this is a legal document. [+] Front side. [+] Back side.

Having a hard time with PDF file? Use this Jpeg FRONT and BACK

For fragile and breakable items. Please see this Limitation of Liability.

All of our balikbayan box and jumbo box shipments are insured against loss, fire, theft, jettison, FGA for up to $200. Additional insurance is available for $5 for every $100 added insurance value. Manila Forwarder or the insurance company, or our agents are not liable for damages due to improperly packed shipment. There is also no insurance coverage against breakage. Please use diligent efforts in packaging. Use crates and cushion materials for breakable items.

Please check the legal limitations. Please sign the front side of the form and initial the back side.

Print and fill-out the form and place it inside an envelope together with your corresponding payment in the form of a personal check or money order payable to Manila Forwarders and attach it outside the package. Other forms of payment.

Also, print the shipping label and attach it on the package. You may also make your own label with the information of the final delivery address. You may use a marker or a print-out. Make sure you cover that with Manila Forwarders label for domestic delivery purposes. We will remove that cover upon receipt in our Los Angeles, CA office.

Sample Label to be attached outside the Package:

Manila Forwarder
Attn: Pedro de la Cruz ( Your Name Here )-Ocean
3964 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Phone 1-323-478-1599

If you want a faster service, please use Air Cargo. Underneath the US Shipping Label is the Philippine recipient's name, delivery address, email address, and telephone landline and cell phone number. The envelope with the check payment and shipping forms can be taped here, too.

Please don't forget to email us your FedEx or UPS Ground tracking number so we could trace the package for you.

Also completely fill-up the forms including your email address so we could notify you upon delivery. Package tracking is also available in this site.


The final Stage

· Did you list the contents of your balikbayan box in the packing list?
· Did you tape and seal your box?
· Did you completely fill out the form with signature and initial on the back?
· Did you place the shipping label on the box?
· Did you place the front and back form in an envelope?
· Did you include your signed check in the envelope?
· Did you ascertain that your box is packed properly and ready for shipment?
· Did you asked and pay for insurance over the $200 coverage?

If you answered yes to all the questions, then you are ready to share joy and happiness to your loved ones in the Philippines.

You may drop-off your package to your chosen domestic carrier or arrange pick-up online.

FedEx Ground
UPS Ground

If you are in the West Coast, you may call our regional affiliates. Prices may vary.

Please email us your tracking number and we will monitor the package for you. We will notify you of its arrival to our Northridge office and issue you via email a new set of tracking number as well as the Estimated Time of Arrival in the Philippines.

You can use this invoice number for our online tracking system as well as with all your inquiries with us.

You have made the right choice in shipping through Manila Forwarders, LLC and we are looking forward to you as a repeat customer like thousands who have used our company over and over again.

Don't forget to tell your friends about us. Ang Rekomendado ng kaibigan mo!


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